Cataleya Catania was founded in 2017 and has expanded ever since with a mission: to enhance the beauty of individuals by providing luxurious mink lash strips and lash extension services at affordable prices.


Cataleya Catania lashes is dedicated to providing luxurious mink lashes from a wide array of styles, from simple and classic to bold and beautiful, to suit all types of eye shapes. Our professional design team is highly skilled and experienced in handcrafting high quality mink lashes, with care and detail, making them feel extremely comfortable to wear. Cataleya Catania lashes are handcrafted with 100% genuine and cruelty free mink, that can be worn up to 30 times with proper care. Our lashes are sterilized and hypoallergenic, making it safe for clients with sensitive eyes to wear.

Here at Cataleya Catania, we not only take pride in excellence, but we also take pride in customer service and work diligently to ensure that all products are handcrafted and packed to perfection.

Thank you for visiting Cataleya Catania!