We want you to look fabulous and get the most out of our luxurious, 100% genuine mink, and cruelty free lashes. To ensure your Cataleya Catania Lashes stay looking beautiful and long lasting, proper care and maintenance is required. Please enjoy and make sure to follow our application & care instruction guidelines for maximum results.

Application Instructions:

  1. Check lash fit by aligning lash to your natural lash line and trim excess if necessary.

  2. Apply lash adhesive along lash band and wait 30-60 seconds.

  3. Apply lash as close to the base of your natural lash line as possible and hold until secure.

Care Instructions:

  1. Remove lashes by gently pulling from the middle of the lash band.

  2. Soak lashes in Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water (Oil Free), or any oil free makeup remover of your choice, for 15 minutes.

  3. ​Carefully remove lash adhesive with tweezer. DO NOT PULL MINK HAIRS!

  4. Use a Q-Tip and gently clean lashes.

  5. Use a spoolie to brush lashes to help retain shape and keep them perfectly in place.

  6. Air dry lashes and store them back in the tray to keep lashes clean and to retain their shape.